Help kick-start a groundbreaking
product from a brand new company
- and we'll return the favor


The Arch solution by acdGO Software, Ltd. is a user-friendly, personal system that
lives in your house and wirelessly syncs with your smartphones and tablets, pulling your photos home to safety from wherever you are in the world.


The Arch Solution:

  • At home or on the road, Arch is always synced with all of your business and personal devices. No effort.
  • Concerned about security on the cloud? With Arch, your system is in your house and only you can access it—from anywhere on the planet.
  • Arch is customizable, allowing you to set what devices are synced, what media is stored, and what networks to use.
  • Arch performs across platforms and across devices. The app works for iOS, Android, or both, should you desire to sync both devices with each other.
  • Arch is integrated with Dropbox, removing the risks associated with cloud storage while simultaneously allowing you to extend the scope of your cloud storage infinitely. Future integrations are also coming so that you can safeguard content from anywhere.
  • As you can synchronize a multitude of devices, Arch is ideal for collaborative objectives and business applications.

Smartphones and other devices have hit the point where they are replacing conventional cameras in professional and consumer markets. As a result, the rate at which photos are being acquired is overwhelming hardware and human systems. Devices fill quickly and retrieval and organization is overwhelming and time consuming. Due to security concerns, businesses need more fitting options than conventional cloud storage.

Why You:

Because you are a tech-savvy, early adopting, resourceful customer of ACD Systems, we at acdGO Software Ltd.
- the new company behind Arch - would like to offer you a special opportunity to get in early, and team up with our engineers and designers to make this product the best it can be.

You'll connect directly with the team creating an amazing new way to track, store, and organize a world of images, videos, and other documents - on all the devices you use. We think it will change the world when the world can buy it, but it's not shipping yet. With your help and early support, we think we can make it an even better product.

What you get:

Early access to the product
when it is ready!

Direct access to our engineering
team to help us make the
best possible product.

Bragging rights among your friends.

One of the first production units when it rolls of the assembly line next year, signed by the team.

You'll connect directly with the team creating an amazing new way to track, store, and organize a world of images - on all the devices you use.

Pledge $400, and you'll be a part of the team! Plus you'll get one of the
first products off the line — and a whole lot more:

  • UI/UX previews
  • ability to provide input to the team including online chat
  • IOS and/or android beta when ready
  • installable board code
  • advance updates on progress
  • IOS and/or android when final
  • regular updates to all code
  • one of the very first production units, signed by the team (including board, hard drive, and enclosure)